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I have never been someone who is crazy about communication, but after I started focusing more on finding great new customers at work, I knew that we needed to have a better telephone system. I started going through different electronics stores to explore our options, and within a few short weeks I was able to find the system that we were looking for. It was fast, efficient, and within budget, so I made the move to purchase the system for our office. This blog is all about shopping for great telephones so that you can enjoy a more proactive office. Check out this blog for more information.



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Pizza Restaurants: Benefits Of Adding A Wi-Fi Phone System For Customer Orders

At a pizza restaurant, taking a customer's order is crucial. There are multiple toppings, sizes, crusts, and even specific cooking instructions to consider. This is why it's important to have the proper technology to take orders clearly and effectively. If you own a pizza restaurant, it's a good idea to consider implementing a Wi-Fi phone system into the business. This will allow you to take orders, handle multiple orders, and help ensure that everything is accurate for each individual customer. These phones have specific features that can cater directly to your business and allow everything to run as smooth as possible. Learning about the different phone system features can make a huge difference on the way your business operates.

Multiple Phone Lines

If a customer tries to call and order pizza, a busy signal could deter them and force them to place an order down the street. To ensure that every call goes through to your business, you can set up a Wi-Fi system like the Spectralink phone system. These digital phones will give you multiple digital lines, allowing every call to go through, which will help make sure that no order is missed with your business. Special lines can be set up for calls that do not relate to orders. For example, you can have a special line that is used for employees, the boss's office, or even a separate catering line if you offer a catering service. Multiple smart phones can also be set up through the system. This allows you to have different phones at various locations throughout the business. For example, you can have one phone at a bar section, another carried by a waitress, and a third at the main cash register. This will allow phone orders to be answered quickly and efficiently.

Clear Calling & Voice Features

Another benefit of upgrading to a Wi-Fi phone system is clear calling and voice features. Hearing an order clearly is crucial in getting the order right. You do not want to mix up various orders like turkey or tuna because the phone call is unclear. Hearing voices clearly will help keep orders accurate and allow you to avoid mistakes with any type of phone order that is called in. The Wi-Fi system also allows you to have clear calls no matter where you are located within the business. You do not have to worry about cell signals, bad connections, or pulling cords on a landline.

App Integration

Ordering food is not just about taking phone calls from customers. Many people now prefer to order their food through apps or web-based ordering platforms. By upgrading your phone system, you can accept and handle all types of digital orders. App integration can be set up for all of the smart phones, cash registers, and ordering systems within the kitchen. At the cashier station, you can use these phones to accept digital payment, set up rewards accounts, or scan a variety of coupons or gift cards that you may have offered. This will help increase customer satisfaction and give people the chance to order food any way that they want to.

Delivery Drivers

A Wi-Fi phone system for your business also has the ability to connect to a network when it is not in the proper Wi-Fi range. This can really help if you offer delivery service on pizza and other food. For example, you can use these phones to set up automatic GPS and order trackers. Your driver can easily follow directions and deliver meals to the proper address. The order tracker can ensure that deliveries are made on time and will help drivers find the next destination as quickly as possible.

Setting up your goals and needs for customer orders is the first step in getting a custom phone system for your business. Once it's set up, you can use it for years to take orders and keep your business thriving.